We’re Elite – and CHAS says so!

Unitas is proud to have once again attained CHAS Elite Status.

CHAS has been established since 1997 as “the UK’s leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions,” and has won multiple awards. They’ve established Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and the Common Assessment Standard.

With household names including Royal Mail, Cancer Research UK, Manchester United and over 2500 clients, we’re among good company!


The health and comfort of our staff, customers and partners, is always at the forefront of our minds. It’s a consideration in our Cromer Road HQ, throughout our stores and in every site and home we work on. We want to ensure that every single person we come into contact with throughout our business and work is assured that their health and wellbeing is our priority.

In addition, having the Elite Status means our customers and partners are assured of quality in everything we do. Our reputation is essential as we grow and develop our business.


In order to attain CHAS Elite Status, we were audited and had to demonstrate standards on separate key areas:

Identity: To ensure we’re able to legally operate in the UK and are fully registered to do so.

Financial: To ensure we’ve taken steps to reduce financial risk.

Insurance: To ensure we have the correct levels of insurance for our business and can continue to operate should an accident or incident occur.

Corporate and Professional Standing: To ensure we have high standards within our business and operate within the law, denouncing criminal activity.

Health and Safety: To ensure we protect our workers, visitors and public.

Environmental: To ensure we work to prevent harm and minimise damage to the environment.

Quality: To ensure we meet and maintain high quality assurance standards

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: To ensure we promote diversity and that our staff are treated fairly at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility: To ensure we have a robust CSR policy and consider the way we impact society.

Information Security: To ensure we protect data and maintain strict GDPR policies.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption: To ensure we have policies to prevent bribery and corruption.

Modern Slavery: To ensure we have modern slavery and human trafficking training and policies in place to report and manage risks.

We’re proud to display our CHAS Elite Status in our reception area and on our website. CHAS Elite ensures that our excellent reputation for Health and Safety compliance continues to the benefit of our staff, customers, partners and our city as a whole.

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