Image shows a white background with a border of green leaves . In the centre of the image is the word Wellbeing which is curved and then underneath it the wood Week.

Wellbeing x Fundraising Week at Unitas

Multiple studies have shown that people who’re happier at work tend to be more productive and stay longer with their employer. On top of being the right thing to do by our team, those and many other benefits are the reasons we put so much stock into our Wellbeing programmes.


Our Wellbeing Team is made up of staff from throughout our business. They meet regularly and are supported by our Senior Leadership Team. They consider ideas which come in from the wider Unitas team as well as national campaigns aimed at caring for and supporting our whole team.


Last week was National Wellbeing Week and to highlight this, we laid on a week of activities and events aimed at giving our whole team a boost. We also wanted to do something for one of our favourite local charities, and so the idea of Wellbeing/Fundraising was born.

Day 1

Image shows a white background with yellow and red blotches across it. In the centre are the words "Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Session."

Starting Monday off in style, we laid on a half-hour long meditation session during lunchtime. We chose a Meditation to Balance and Grounding and seven of our colleagues enjoyed a relaxed lunch which sent them back to work floating on air. You can find the exercise we used here.


Day 2

Image shows a sage green background with a pattern of paintbrushes, crayons and pencils. In the centre of the image are the words "crafty Lunchtime".

Colouring and crafting comes up time and time again on the list of relaxing activities for adults; so we thought we’d have a play on Tuesday lunchtime. We found two quick craft activities, farmhouse style coasters and origami stars, some colouring books and off we went.

Day 3

Image shows a pink background with a pattern of stars and blue confetti. There is a picture of a cupcake to the top right hand corner. To the left of this are the words "The Great Unitas Bake-off"

Wednesday was all about the cakes – and as always, our team went for it 100%. We had entries from across the business with three judges basing their decision on taste, texture and presentation. The judging was completely anonymous too – with everyone sneaking their bakes in! The winning cake was a Lemon Meringue sponge baked by our Communications Officer Jo. All cakes were then sold for our charity.


Day 4

Image shows a white background with a pattern of green leaves. In the centre are the words "Wellbeing Week Lunchtime Walk" and a picture of a winding footpath.

By Thursday dinnertime, we were desperate for some fresh air so at lunchtime we organised a walk around the canal path by our depot. The route is approximately 2km and took about 25 minutes, with some of the walkers taking litter picking sticks with them to collect rubbish as they walked. So, in addition to a very relaxing walk, we also collected three bags of litter (and a thanks from the crew of a passing barge!)


Day 5

Image shows a pale yellow background with a pattern of sun rays and smiley faces. In the centre of the image are the words "Dress Happy Day. Friday 28 June"

We decided that Friday should be a non-uniform day and encouraged everyone to dress in something that made them happy. We saw smiley t-shirts, happy hats and fun jewellery – which cheered everyone up. Everyone who dressed up had to pay a pound for the privilege.


The Big Raffle

Image shows a maroon background with gold streamers to both sides of it. In the centre there is a white curved rectangle with the words "Dougie Mac Raffle" in red writing. Sticking out of the rectangle are two golden tickets.

The final activity for the week was our super-raffle. Thanks to the generosity of our suppliers and sub-contractors, we amassed a fantastic list of raffle prizes, including a golfing day at Edgbaston, a £100 Amazon Voucher, a £100 Love2Shop Voucher, a £50 M&S Voucher, a Moorcroft Jug, a DeWalt Hammer Drill and a golfing day at Little Aston. Colleagues from around our business, family and friends all joined in and the winners were drawn out by Service Improvement Officer Erica on Friday afternoon.


Between the Raffle, the Cake Sale and the Dress Happy Day, we’re absolutely delighted to say that we raised a phenomenal £860.00 for our friends at Douglas Macmillan.

We absolutely can’t wait to present it to them, but in the meantime, we know that our team have felt uplifted this week. There’s been a fantastic atmosphere and some great feedback. Our Wellbeing Team are now working on the next Week!!


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