We LOVE Your Comments

We recently posted an update on our social media channels saying, “we love your comments.”

We were immediately asked whether this included negative feedback, so we thought we’d take the opportunity of saying, YES – we love and value all your comments; and also to tell you what we do with that feedback, be it good or bad.

How to comment

When we get to the end of a job, we give the customer details of our contact centre and email address so that, should they wish to give feedback they can.

If you, as a reader, wanted to give a comment on a Unitas service, you could either telephone us on 01782 234100, email feedback@unitas.co.uk or follow this link to give feedback on Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s website.

Positive Comments

Receiving a compliment is always a delight! Our team members work hard to provide a good service and to be professional and courteous at all times.

We want to ensure our team know about their compliment and are congratulated on it. When a compliment is received, it’s sent to the person it relates to along with their Manager to ensure that they receive the compliment they’ve earned. Many of these positive comments are also then shared on our internal newsletter to ensure that all of our team see the achievement of their colleague.

Negative Comments

You might assume that as a business, we wouldn’t want to receive complaints or negative comments.

You’d be wrong!

As Indeed point out here receiving complaints allows us to grow as a business and adapt to suit the needs of our customer.

The negative comment or complaint highlights an issue we might not be aware of. Having notice or evidence of a problem in our system gives us the opportunity to fix it.

We might do this through an investigation, the booking of additional training or the investigation and transformation of one of our systems or methods.

We love it when you tell us you’re happy. We know that nobody, us included, likes to be told we’re in the wrong; but by telling us what’s the matter, you’re allowing the opportunity to get better and grow as a company.

We want to be the best we can possibly be; and your feedback allows us to do that.


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