hankinson unitas csr with helping angels

Unitas Contractors, Hankinson Group, give back with Helping Angels

Hankinson Painting Contractors have worked with local charity, Helping Angels, to provide real social value in Stoke-on-Trent.

As part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) payback with Unitas, Hankinson North West team painted the upstairs rooms, stairway, hall and landing at Cleveland Lodge in Hanley. The building is used by Helping Angels, a charity that offer day opportunities to young people and adults with learning disabilities and special needs. Their key services include group activities, educational life skills, social inclusion, and volunteering opportunities.

As well as providing a fresh coat of paint to the rooms at Cleveland Lodge, Hankinson were able to provide an opportunity in line with Helping Angels’ key services by supporting David in a voluntary role. David, who attends the charity three days a week, worked alongside Hankinson Operatives, Dave and Mick, to prep and paint the walls.

David said: “I have really enjoyed my work experience, it gave me something to look forward to”.

Helping Angels’ Director, Natasha, said: “I am over the moon with the work, it has made a really positive impact. They have truly been a pleasure.”

Hankinson were awarded the decoration and maintenance works of six apartment blocks managed by Unitas. They have worked very closely with the CSR Team to ensure that their corporate social responsibility payback to the local community has had a massive impact.

We are delighted with the work that Hankinson have carried out and their enthusiasm to make a real difference within Stoke-on-Trent. The total social value payback equivalent was £8,570 but the opportunity they were able to provide to David was invaluable.

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