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Unitas continues to invest in its apprentices by providing further learning opportunities

Unitas apprentice, Amy Rawlingson, joined the Unitas team in 2018 as part of the Business Administration team

Amy passed her NVQ Diploma in Business Administration Level 2 in October last year, and as part of her on-going development at Unitas, she is now halfway through her two-year NVQ Diploma in Business Administration Level 3.

Throughout lockdown, Unitas apprentice, Amy, had to adjust to working from home instead of an office environment. She said: “It [was] harder to complete the exam-based learning as I’d normally attend Smithfield every two weeks, but because of lockdown, we lost fifteen ‘in-college’ days and as soon restrictions were lifted enough, I had to catch up on my lost time with two straight days of testing. It was really hard work, but I was able to complete and pass the tests.”

Unitas was able to properly support Amy by allowing her to work flexibly and give her adequate time to catch up on her NVQ.
She added: “I was still able to have weekly Zoom meetings and calls with my tutor to ensure I [wasn’t] falling behind, and regular one-to-ones with my line manager to ensure I was able to manage my workload effectively alongside my college work.”

While supporting Amy through her apprenticeship, Unitas continues to support her career development and aims for the future.

Regarding her career development, Amy said: “I’d really like to utilise the administration skills I’ve learned and developed while working for Unitas and complete my studies. I hope to have the opportunity to apply for an administrative role within the company.”

“[Working] at Unitas while completing my apprenticeship and having the opportunities to learn and develop [has] given my professional and personal confidence a huge boost.”

Unitas provides new apprenticeship and work placement opportunities every year. For more information about our apprenticeship schemes in Business Administration, Health and Safety, Joinery, Gas engineering and Electrical engineering, head to our Careers page.

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