Dr Simon Cupples

Unitas Chairman – Dr Simon Cupples

After four years as Chairman of the Board of Directors, steering the development of Unitas, Dr Simon Cupples has chosen to step down.

Simon says that “It has been a great privilege and rewarding experience to take Unitas forward from the very start of its journey to the current time where, I believe, as a company we have established ourselves as an excellent provider of key services to the tenants/residents of the city council. I am particularly proud of the way we kept our high standards of service during the pandemic where similar organisations have struggled, and the great work during the early part of the pandemic where we took responsibility for preparing and delivering food parcels to the most vulnerable people in the city.

I am looking forward to supporting Unitas and the city council colleagues in appointing my successor and taking Unitas forward to becoming one of the leading organisations in the sector and continuing to be a great partner to the city council.”

The Senior Leadership Team and Unitas have thanked Simon for the leadership, wisdom and guidance that he has provided in his role as Chair of the Board and for his commitment to developing Unitas as a business and wished Simon all the very best for the future.

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