Unitas Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

This week (5 – 11 February 2023) is National Apprenticeship Week and Unitas is in celebration mode, shouting from the rooftops about Apprenticeships and what makes them special.

What is it?

Well, it’s exactly as it sounds; a weeklong opportunity to highlight and celebrate Apprenticeships across the UK. According to The Department of Education themselves, “National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) takes place between 5 to 11 February 2024 and is an opportunity for the education and skills sector to celebrate the achievements of apprentices around the country and the positive impact they make to communities, businesses, and the wider economy. The Department for Education are delighted to announce that the theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2024 is ‘Skills For Life’.”

Why it Matters

Image shows Amy, a young white woman with brown hair and glasses sitting at table looking at an open laptop.

Apprenticeships change lives. With more and more young people being priced out of higher education because of high tuition fees, living costs and no guarantee of work at the end of the process, Apprenticeships are becoming more highly sought after than ever before. Only an Apprenticeship provides on-the-job training, a high-level qualification and low, if any, tuition fees meaning the Apprentice can graduate in their chosen field debt-free and with real-world experience as well as their qualification.

Why it matters to Unitas

Veering into song here, Unitas believes the children are the future (sorry for that), Cliched as it might sound, children and young adults are our future political, industrial and creative leaders and we want to invest in them, giving them those practical “skills for life” as well as on-the-job practical experience they can take with them as they progress in both their careers and their lives outside of work.

Investing in young people at the very beginning of their careers mean investing in a future workforce. It gives us the pick of the best young minds, hungry to learn and having come from an education with digital enrichment and existing skills such as coding. They bring with them their own skills, experience and talents which in turn enrich and develop our existing workforce.

Although our Unitas team is predominantly Trades based, we have departments specialising in Governance, Legal, IT, Finance, Health and Safety and Supply Chain.

Taking on Apprentices gives us great opportunities to build relationships with families, schools, colleges and training providers in the city. We’re proud of our firm commitment to Stoke-on-Trent and our community, and so mentoring and developing young professionals and passing on the knowledge and experience our Tradespeople have built during their careers is a pleasure and a privilege for our team.

Within almost six years of business, we have now offered 32 Apprenticeships in both trades and supporting roles throughout our business. All but one of these still work for Unitas and are now progressing their careers through our business in a variety of roles and departments.

In the future, our Business Plan depends on and features Apprenticeships across Unitas as not only a key part of our workforce, but also as future supervisors and managers.

Further Opportunities

Image shows finalist Brooke Chomyn holding her plaque from the Staffordshire Youth Awards.

We release Apprenticeship vacancies periodically throughout the year and we promote these on our social media pages;

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