Sun Awareness Week

As much fun as a day in the sun is, we also know that too much sunlight can cause irreparable damage to the skin when Ultraviolet (UV) Rays stay in contact with the skin for too long.

Many of us think that means the sudden influx of sun on a holiday, but a gradually built up tan on UK soil can be just as harmful.

It’s worth remembering that any discolouration to the skin, be it a burn or browning, is a sign that the skin has been damaged.

At Unitas we’re especially mindful that, due to the nature of their jobs, many of our Tradespeople spend long periods of time outside in all weathers. In the winter we protect them with warm clothing and now the warmer weather is starting to arrive, we want to ensure we give them the same level of protection.

What We Do:

  • Firstly, we’ve shared this guidance with all of our staff; (
  • Next, we produced a Sun Awareness Risk Assessment and safe system of work
  • We’re providing cooler alternatives to our standard uniforms which allow for better air flow and circulation such as shorts, hats and cotton t-shirts where it’s safe for our Tradespeople to do so.
  • We’re providing branded water bottles for our team members.
  • We have cold water fountains throughout our business.
  • We’re providing free sun-screen which our Tradespeople to use throughout the summer.
  • We’re encouraging our team to take additional breaks where needed and to take lunches at alternative times so that they’re not sitting out in overly hot conditions.





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