Image shows a white background with black vectors and geometric patterns. The words "Style Our Your Bathroom" are written in the centre of the image.

Styling Up Your Bathroom

As part of the work we do for Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Unitas fits hundreds of bathrooms every year in a variety of properties of differing sizes and formats. The one thing they have in common is that we fit white furniture and plain tiles. We keep this uniformity partly to give our client (the City Council) and our customers value for money, but another reason is that plain units and tiles allow the fittings to blend in with a variety of styles and finishes, allowing for our customers’ personal styles when it comes to flooring and décor to complement.

Image shows a white man kneeling in front of a white bath. He is wearing a green top and a bright yellow high-visibility jacket. He is holding a tube of white sealant and is pressing it out onto a long thin piece of wood. He is looking away from the camera to the work he's doing.

So, in this blog we’re going to be looking at all the ways you can add statement to the neutral fittings of your bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper is back – and we’re loving it. You can create a fantastic contrast with either a feature wall or fitted around your tiles.

How about Tropical Treasures from Dunelm:

Image shows a square of a brightly coloured purple wallpaper with large green leaves and yellow flecks on it.

If wallpaper isn’t your thing, you can use a huge mural or picture like this from Etsy to make the statement for you:

Image shows a framed picture of a flamingo wearing pink sunglasses against a deep green background. Above the flamingo are the words "why hello sweet cheeks" and below the flamingo are the words "Have a seat" in yellow lettering

Designers are also screaming about statement mirrors, where an essential item (because is it even a bathroom without a mirror?) can transform the whole room. This gorgeous silver ornate design from The Range caught our attention:

Geometric patterns are also still all the rage; with flooring and even paint styling letting you bring some style in without a dazzling or distracting pattern:

Image shows nine floor tiles which are white with thick black lines on them. The tiles have been laid to create a geometric pattern. Image shows a painted wall with dark green, light green and cream coloured triangles on it. These are separated by thick white lines and arranged in a geometric pattern.


Another big trend for 2024, and one we’ve discussed in other blogs, is the natural style. Our white bathrooms lend themselves brilliantly to neutral tones and natural fabrics:

Image shows a cream coloured rectangular bath mat Image shows a round wooden dish with a white rectangular label in the centre. Image shows three glass jars with brown cork lids. They are arranged side by side across the centre of the image and are placed into a cork holder. The jar on the right hand side has a thin brown cork band around the centre.

Image shows a large white bath filled to the lip with bubbles. Across the bath is a light coloured bath rack with two small candles in the centre. To the right of the candles is a glass of white wine and to the left is a loofah. Image shows a tan coloured wicker linen basket with a wicker lid.

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Dressing it up

The beauty of a white bathroom suite is that it literally works with EVERY other colour. Use bold colours like black, grey, blue, green or red for a bold contrast or keep suable tones to give your bathroom that luxury spa feel:

Pinterest has some amazing ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. Here are just a few we found:

Image shows a bathroom with white tiles and a large green plan with trailing leaves which are hanging down. Image shows a wall with a deep grey top half and white tiles on the bottom half. The top of the wall has a rectangular window which is open. On the windowsill are three plants with green leaves hanging down. Below the window is a black edged mirror with a small shelf where there are some black and white bottles. Below the mirror is a white sink with black taps. Image shows a room with the top half coloured in a dark blue with gold pictures hung around it. The bottom half of the walls are covered in white tiles. There is a gold circular hanger with a white towel placed on it.

Image shows a room with a tiled wall. The tiles are cream coloured with a marble effect. There is a large green plant at the top of the wall and a smaller one underneath it. On the left of the picture is a silver metal rail with another large green plant on it. Above that is a shelf with another small green plant. To the right of the image is a hook with a white dressing gown on it and at the bottom of the picture is the top lip of a white bath. Image shows the corner of a bathroom where two walls meet. The top of the room is decorated with a green patterned wallpaper while the bottom half has white tiles. There is a white sink basin fitted into a grey wooden unit. Above that is a wooden framed mirror and a number of pictures of plants.




We can’t wait to see what you create – don’t forget to share your pictures to and maybe we’ll share your bathroom style!

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