Our Work with The Warmfront Team Ltd.

As a social landlord, Stoke-on-Trent City Council has minimum energy efficiency standards which they must meet in all properties. Our role at Unitas is to ensure we carry out the necessary works to ensure they reach those standards.

Image shows a UK Energy Performance Certificate

Energy efficiency in a house is measured on an Energy Performance Certificate (an EPC). This document shows that the property has been assessed for how expensive it will be to heat and power the property, how likely it is to retain temperature and what Carbon Dioxide emissions are likely to be. Houses are assessed using factors such as insultation, windows and doors and energy use. They are then rated from A (being very efficient) to G (being inefficient)

At 2020, it was determined that 59% of UK homes fall into categories D or below. The Government have set targets for as many properties as possible to reach a C rating by 2030.

The challenge for Unitas was that some 34% of the properties we tend fell into category D or below.

As well as ensuring the properties under our care reach the minimum standard within the allotted time, working to bring them up to a C rating ensures our customers save money on their energy bills and allows them to keep heat inside their properties.

To bring the properties up to the needed standard, we worked with The Warmfront Team Ltd, based in Birmingham who specialise in working with social landlords to deliver energy efficient solutions.

Image shows Unitas staff along with staff from the Warmfront Team Ltd assessing a semi-detached property.

With The Warmfront Team Ltd., we worked on a variety of properties throughout Stoke-on-Trent of differing archetypes, to perform Cavity Wall Insulation, Party Wall Insulation and Loft Insulation.

Image shows an Assessor from The Warmfront Team Ltd using a tablet to scan a window

To see more about the work The Warmfront Team Ltd did with our customers, click here

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