Image shows a traditionally decorated fir tree with red and white ribbons to the left of the screen on a creamy white background. There are a number of gifts around the bottom of the tree.

Christmas and Traditions

It may only be November, but there’s no escaping the juggernaut that is Christmas. However you and your family choose to celebrate, either in lavish style or without the fanfare, our traditions make the whole season what it is. We love a good Christmas tradition, so we thought we’d take ...
Image shows a green screen with a frame of various fruits and vegetables. In the centre of these are the words "World Diabetes Day"

World Diabetes Day

This World Diabetes Day, the topic is “Accessibility to Treatment”. In that vein, we wanted to provide information and support if you’re concerned about Diabetes. Diabetes is a long-term illness characterised by the World Health Organisation as, “occurring either when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the ...
Image shows a black background with the words "stay safe" in pink neon writing. In the top left and bottom right corner are two fireworks. In the top right corner is a spiders web and in the bottom left corner is a trio of Halloween themed balloons.

Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety

It’s a BIG week for evening events, with both Halloween and Bonfire Night falling within this next week. Like you, we want to make sure everyone stays safe, so we’ve compiled all the advice you need to enjoy the spooky season and the fireworks in the best way: Halloween Trick ...
Image shows three medium sized dogs with white sheets on top of them to give the look of ghosts. a lit pumpkin sits at the left hand side of the dogs.

Half Term Hi-Jinks

Although it barely seems like a second since we were buying school shoes for the start of September, it’s half-term next week. We know that school holidays can be even more difficult in winter with the kids getting cabin fever and the weather not co-operating. So, we thought we’d put ...
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