Image shows a background of white tiles with a wooden kitchen counter in the foregoround. Written on the tiles are the words "Spruce up the Kitchen".

Sprucing Up Your Kitchen

Unitas installs hundreds of kitchens for our customers in Stoke-on-Trent every year. The main finishes in these tend to be neutral with crisp white tiles and cream coloured units for a classic and timeless finish. Check out our recently finished projects here to see some of our latest kitchens. Doing ...
Picture shows a blue background which is half light blue and half darker blue. In the centre is a gold picture frame with the words "how to hang a picture" inside it. Unitas' company logo is at the top of the page in the centre.

How to: Hang a Picture

Hanging a picture sounds, in theory, so easy it shouldn’t even need a “how to” article. But we’ve seen some attempts end not only in disaster, but in expensive repairs, so we’re sharing the things we’ve learned to ensure you don’t make mistakes. Positioning The old rule of thumb when ...
Image shows a neon background with stars on it. At the centre is a green rectangle with curved edges. In the rectangle are the words, "Fashion your Walls."

Fashion Your Walls

This is going to sound very “fluffy”, but bear with us. Your home is a reflection of you. That’s not to stay that we’ll be judging you if it’s not super-tidy all the time, but more that it’s your ultimate tool for showcasing who you are. During a period in ...
Image shows a cartoon version of a green field with people scattered throughout the field. The background is a blue sky with white clouds and a large yellow sun in the top right corner. The words "National Walking Month" appear in black writing across the sky.

National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month. Here at Unitas we’re helping to spread the word about the benefits of walking and what you can do to get into step (we’re sorry, and promise no more walking related puns): National Walking Month is Living Streets month-long celebration of walking, it’s many benefits ...
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