National Careers Week: Supporting Construction

When you think of job roles in Construction, you immediately think of building sites or properties covered in scaffolding. Whilst the practical side of Construction is a huge part of Unitas’ workforce, we also have a wide-ranging variety of “support roles” which are just as important to our business.

This National Careers’ Week, we wanted to tell you about the various roles within Unitas that don’t fall into a standard “Construction” role, but which remain essential:


The people who hold our purse strings are some of the most important people in our business. They help us set budgets and keep to them. They manage incoming and outgoing monies and ensure we’re spending where we need to, don’t waste money and pay our suppliers and partners.


Governance encompasses Business Development and Improvement, Communications, CSR and Customer Service. It’s from Governance that we’re able to organise events, join framework to provide our skills to other businesses and deal with customer comments and feedback.

Resource Controllers

Our Resource Controllers assist with planning and scheduling work. They know where our Tradespeople need to go and make sure they get there.


Safety is at the forefront of our business at all times. Whether we’re talking about the safety of our staff, our customers or the general public, we have to consider it in everything we do and our SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) team ensures it is maintained. As well as giving input to projects as they’re being planned, they also do site visits to assess and advise. They maintain all of our records and take a role in training and development.

HR, Training and Development

No business can function without some form of Human Resources department. With over 500 employees, HR is there to ensure recruitment is done fairly and properly and that once recruited, staff have tailor-made training packages. They ensure that Unitas is a good employer, taking point in any grievances or disputes and ensuring that all of our team are healthy, happy and thriving.


In many of our projects, it’s a privilege to work alongside other local organisations or businesses. Procurement is the role of advertising the contracts we have and then ensuring that we deal with these contracts fairly and properly. They’re also responsible for sourcing the products we use in our business.


Where would we be without computers? It doesn’t bear thinking about to be honest. As well as our customer reporting portal, we use IT throughout Unitas. From communication to planning to record keeping to our storage systems, IT is absolutely essential to our business and we couldn’t be without it!

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