National Apprenticeship Week Meet the Apprentice Part 4!

Finally, on our “Meet the Apprentice” feature for National Apprenticeships Week, we’re proud to introduce you to Nathan Herron.

Nathan is 21 years old and is an Apprentice Gas Engineer. Nathan is currently working towards his BTEC National Diploma Level 3 in Gas Engineering. The course is extremely complex, including modules on Health and Safety, Scientific Principles in Gas Utilisation, Installation and Maintenance of Water Heaters, Cookers and other appliances, and the Principles of Water Supply Regulations and Byelaws. Nathan’s Apprenticeship also includes up to one thousand hours’ supervision where he hast to demonstrate his learning, competency and ability.


In addition to his study and work experience with Unitas, Nathan has also volunteered his time to assist Unitas with Stoke-on-Trent City Councils’ Aspiration Summit which took place at the Kings Hall in October 2022. Nathan spoke with visitors from local schools and organisations about his experience and the opportunities available.


Discussing his time with Unitas, Nathan said, “Unitas is like a family; everyone is always looking for ways to help and better my learning, especially my supervisor Sam who’s been so supportive.”

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