Manna House Cheque Presentation

Manna House (Registered Charity (England and Wales) 1147797) is Unitas’ chosen charity for the 2023/2024 financial year. When considering a charity for the year, we knew that we wanted a Stoke-on-Trent based charity and our Board was very keen, given the cost of living crisis, that we focused on a homeless or outreach operation. From that brief, we chose Manna House, recognising the fantastic work they do in our City.

Manna House is based in Regent Road, Hanley, in the Baptist Church. They have been operating since 2005 when they started a Thursday evening meal for visitors. The charity expanded quickly, with their offering now including the giving out of bags containing toiletries, clean clothes and a lunch for the following day. They also offer breakfasts, financial advice and spiritual support.

As part of our fundraising efforts for Manna House, we recruited participants from our business for the MIGHTY Potters ‘Arf. Whilst Unitas paid for their entry fees, our team knew they would be raising money for Manna House.

The Potters ‘Arf has a reputation as one of the toughest half marathons in the country, so we needed some really TOUGH volunteers.

Enter the Eight…

Team Unitas consisted of four runners and a walking relay team – and we’re delighted to say that despite record temperatures and the infamous Heartbreak Hill, all eight finished:

The Quotes

“It gives you an almost euphoric feeling. I felt like Superwoman. I can understand why people sign up again and again and I’ll definitely go for it again.”

Jo Haywood, Communications Officer.

“The support that was given by the public was really inspiring and spurred us on.”

Jason McGill, Business Improvement Officer.

Last Wednesday, having collected all of the monies in, we went to Manna House to present Rev. Trevor with a cheque for £408.28. Not only was this well worth the blisters, the heatstroke and the feeling like Heartbreak Hill would actually break us, but we know that the effort was worth it for the amazing work that Manna House do.

Stay tuned for a deep dive on Manna House coming up in the next few weeks…

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