Investing in our Team

With over 450 employees, Unitas Stoke-on-Trent is proud to be one of the city’s key employers.

Our business is split into five sectors: Planned, Responsive, Governance, Finance and Asset Management & Investment. Within these sectors we have a huge variety of job roles, from Apprentices to Project Managers, Accountant to Gas Engineer and Painter and Decorator to Communications Officer.

With so many Team Members on board, training and investment in our team couldn’t be more important. We know that continuous training in our team has numerous benefits:

  • Ensuring that our team have the skills and training to work safely, competently and within the law.
  • Ensuring our team know that they are valued and that we are committed to them.
  • Training is proven to increase engagement, productivity and longevity.
  • Training fosters a great culture among our team.
  • Continuous training allows us to work at the highest possible standards.

What we do:

Every member of our team has their own personal Training Matrix which is specific to them, their job role and their requirements. This may include professional or technical qualifications or certificates they are required to have, as well as general learning.

All of our staff, regardless of their job role also have mandated training both when they join Unitas and on an ongoing basis. This includes Mental Health Awareness, Health & Safety and GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) when they first join our team, and topics such as Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling and Working at Heights which are updated on a periodic basis. Line Managers also deliver bite-size training and information sharing sessions called “Toolbox Talks” as and where necessary.

In addition, all of our team have regular 1-2-1’s with their Line Manager. Through these, they can be assessed and request training and development as well as expressing their aspirations for career development and the qualifications and learning they need to achieve this.

Finally, as well as these 1-2-1’s, all of our staff have team meetings, regular briefings and staff email briefings to ensure they’re fully aware of everything happening in our industry and business.

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