How to Prepare a Wall for Painting

In the first of our series of “how to” guides, we’re looking at some DIY basics. Although there are many things Unitas is tasked with doing in our customer properties, decorating is left with you. We want to help you make the very most of your home and ensure the highest standard possible as you decorate.

So, let’s start at the beginning: getting those walls ready to paint.

(note: this is a guide for walls which have previously been painted. We’ll discuss painting on newly plastered walls in our next guide)

First things first

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Preparation is everything. Set time aside to prepare your space before you paint and we promise you’ll be glad you did. This work ensures you get a great finish.

Firstly, clear the space, take down any decorations or fixings and cover up anything such as light switches or plug sockets that are staying to ensure they don’t get coated. Cover up any carpets, furnishings or furniture which is staying in the room and clear a surface such as a table for your paint tins and brushes.

Next, use a soft, damp cloth to get rid of any dust or grime, then wash the whole wall down with sugar soap and dry it thoroughly.

Take care of any cracks or holes in the surface with filler and a scraper. This is a great guide. Once the filler is completely dry, sand it down to give a smooth finish

Now, sand the whole wall down. This will get rid of any old paint or blemishes and give your new paint something to adhere to. Once this is done, you’ll need to give it another wipe down to get rid of all the new dust the sanding just made.

Finally, before you get going, run masking tape along the edges of your walls and skirting boards to make sure you don’t get any paint on them. This will help you to get clean lines at the edging too.

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