Image shows a black background with the words "stay safe" in pink neon writing. In the top left and bottom right corner are two fireworks. In the top right corner is a spiders web and in the bottom left corner is a trio of Halloween themed balloons.

Halloween and Bonfire Night Safety

It’s a BIG week for evening events, with both Halloween and Bonfire Night falling within this next week.

Like you, we want to make sure everyone stays safe, so we’ve compiled all the advice you need to enjoy the spooky season and the fireworks in the best way:



Image shows one figure in a red dress and another in a black dress. They are both holding orange buckets with jack-o-lantern faces on them.

Trick or Treating is always fun. Where else can you dress up and get sweets? But with the nights now increasingly dark it’s important to make sure everyone stays safe

  1. Always have an adult present and supervise children.
  2. Stay in groups and do regular head-counts or checks that everyone is with you.
  3. Check that all costumes are flame-proof.
  4. Stay on well-lit streets and stick to the pavements.
  5. Consider using reflective tape like this one on darker costumes.
  6. Avoid homes without lights or decorations. Look out for window signs saying that the Occupier doesn’t want Trick-or-Treaters.
  7. Check treats before eating (or letting the kids eat them) and don’t eat anything that isn’t factory made. Home-made treats are lovely, but if you can’t verify ingredients, they could cause a danger.
  8. Have fun!


Bonfire Night

Image shows a number of brightly coloured round fireworks exploding against a black sky.

What better way to wash down the Halloween sweets than with a Bonfire Party!

Whether you’re planning a big bonfire party or you’re having sparklers in the garden, make sure you and your family stay safe:

  1. Only buy fireworks that are CE marked.
  2. Follow the instructions on each box – individual fireworks or manufacturers have differing guidance.
  3. Keep the fireworks in a closed box.
  4. Light them at arms’ length using the provided taper.
  5. Stand well back
  6. NEVER go back to a firework once its’ been lit.
  7. Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
  8. Supervise children.
  9. Look after pets and make sure they stay indoors.
  10. Don’t give sparklers to children under 5.
  11. Ensure anyone using a sparkler is wearing gloves.
  12. Be a good neighbour: tell the people around you that you’re having a bonfire and don’t let fireworks off later in the evening.
  13. NEVER let fireworks off after 11pm.
  14. If you’re building a bonfire in the garden, make sure it’s far away from fences, trees, sheds and anything else which could catch fire.
  15. Always check inside the bonfire before lighting it. Small animals like Hedgehogs like to burrow!
  16. Ensure everyone stays at least 5 metres away from the bonfire.
  17. Keep buckets (or a supply) of water to dampen sparklers and put out the fire if needed.
  18. Don’t use petrol, paraffin, diesel, white spirit or methylated spirit to light the bonfire.
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