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Give the Garden a Boost

Paddling pools, barbecues and lazy Sunday morning brews on the lawn…

Who doesn’t love Summer in the garden?

As with many things, if you want the good stuff in July, you’ll need to do the preparations now, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this handy list of the springtime jobs you can do this month:

Image shows a number of small terracotta pots with small green plants growing in them.

  • Allium, Begonias and Freesias all bloom in the summer, so the ideal time to plant is in early spring. Check out this list for more inspiration.
  • Hoe the paths and borders to get on top of any weeds which have come through over winter.
  • Tidy the flower beds and borders.
  • Clean and wash out the greenhouse, shed and any other outhouses. Get rid of any other rubbish that’s found its’ way into the garden over the winter. The city tips opening hours can be found here.
  • Install a water butt to start collecting rain water for watering later on. Most DIY stores sell water butts of various sizes. We love this compact one from Wickes – ideal if you’ve got a smaller garden and don’t want a great big obstacle in the way.
  • Check and repair any fences, gates and trellis’. With numerous storms making themselves felt known throughout the winter, most of us have sustained some damage. Spring is the ideal time to make any repairs, replacements or just give them a new lease of life with a coat of stain.
  • Clean the furniture and any ornaments. We liked this method, but tell us in the comments if you’ve got any top tips…
  • Sweep and clean the patio and any brickwork. Whilst pressure washing is an easy and convenient way to clean a patio, we’d always recommend you ask a professional to give you the best finish without risk of damage to the surface. However, if it’s manual cleaning you’re looking to do, this is a great method.


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Did we miss anything? Drop us a line to and we’ll feature your top Spring Gardening Tip in our social media posts.

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