Get Your Home on-Trend

We’ve spoken repeatedly about our mission to help you make the most of your home. Along with our “How To” guides (published every other Thursday), our blogs for the next few months will largely reflect the things you need to know to get the home of your dreams.

Today we’re looking at the home and garden trends you need to know about for spring and summer 2024.

The Interior

Image shows a collage of 8 pictures, all showing different wall coverings, decorating ideas and plants.

Whatever sized space you have, 2024 is all about getting back to nature, bringing the outside inside and using classic and antique pieces to make a statement:

  • For walls, it’s all about warm, earthy tones. Think rust, terracotta, mustard yellow and sage green.
  • Textured, Mediterranean style finishes on walls give a 3D finish and help to accentuate the colour.
  • Blend vintage and classic furniture with more modern pieces to give a unique finish.
  • Think about upcycling items to make them yours. We love these
  • Use BIG statement lighting to brighten (no pun intended) a plain room. We like this one from Dunhelm and at £20, it’s an absolute steal!
  • Use mis-matched comfort pieces to give your room an undone, authentic look that’s more the real you and less what Instagram tells you should be you!
  • Use plants to create tranquil areas. Hit the link here for some great ideas.
  • It’s all about the environment so think sustainability and be eco-conscious in your choices.
  • Combine bold pieces such as dramatic tiles and statement rugs with plain décor to make a bold expression.

The Exterior

Image shows a collage of 8 images. All are garden based and show plants, birdboxed and garden furniture.

Just like the indoors, garden design for 2024 is very much eco-conscious with sustainability being the big buzzword among gardeners.

That means:

  • Growing your own. Creating a salad or veg patch might sound challenging (to say the least), but it needn’t be. Gardeners World has these tips for easy fruit and veg growing.
  • Consider wild flowers and big pollinators like lavender, foxglove and anemone to help the bees.
  • Think biodiversity and create a welcome home for wildlife and insects. There are some great tips here from The Woodland Trust.
  • It might seem impossible in Stoke-on-Trent, but natural ponds are all the rage, especially for the benefits they can bring to Mother Earth. This is a great guide to creating yours, but remember that if you’ve got young children, any pond you build should be fully fenced off and child-proofed.
  • Furniture wise, it’s all about comfort and lazy afternoons with outdoor kitchens and fire pits being the en-vogue must-haves!
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