Gas Safety Week: Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Government legislation is changing, and Unitas staff are working hard to ensure the houses we care for on behalf of Stoke-on-Trent City Council meet all relevant standards and requirements.

The law changes in October and dictates that all council, local authority and social housing properties must have:


  • Carbon monoxide (CO) alarms installed in all rooms that contain a fixed combustion appliance e.g. gas boiler, gas fire, solid fuel fire etc.
  • At least one smoke alarm installed on each storey of homes where there is a room used as living accommodation.


Unitas is now working alongside Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and commercial partners Sure Maintenance to ensure that all properties meet the required standards by the deadline.


Customers will be contacted by phone, letter or a knock on the door, directly either by us or by our partners during the coming weeks to make appointments and to provide all information including key contact details.


Unitas already install and maintain smoke alarms are part of the annual Gas Safety check we undertake, but many of the homes we maintain don’t currently have Carbon Monoxide alarms as this has not previously been a requirement.


Fitting them within the timescale is a massive undertaking and our service team has, as always, been incredible. In addition to undertaking the required training to install the alarms, they’re giving up their time and working evenings and on Saturdays to ensure we reach every home at a time to suit the customer.


The fitting of alarms is a quick and easy process taking under ten minutes and doesn’t require drilling or the use of ladders. The alarms are fitted with 10-year lithium batteries and don’t need any wiring. They can simply be stuck to a wall or ceiling with no fuss or mess.


Every tenant has certain responsibilities within their tenancy agreement, one of which is to allow access into the property to carry out necessary inspections, services or repairs and maintenance work. In order to support Unitas in the installation of Carbon Monoxide alarms it is important that every tenant allows us into their home to undertake the installation.  Obviously we expect the majority of residents will let us in but If they do not allow access when requested, their details may be passed to the Local Housing Officer for a breach of tenancy conditions.


As always, we assure our customers that Unitas staff will always be wearing branded uniform and will have an ID badge. We know that Staffordshire Fire and Rescue and Sure Maintenance ensure their staff are also in uniform with ID. You should always ask to see this before allowing someone into your home. Please call the helpline 01782 234100 if you’re unsure or have any queries.


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