Image shows a neon background with stars on it. At the centre is a green rectangle with curved edges. In the rectangle are the words, "Fashion your Walls."

Fashion Your Walls

This is going to sound very “fluffy”, but bear with us. Your home is a reflection of you. That’s not to stay that we’ll be judging you if it’s not super-tidy all the time, but more that it’s your ultimate tool for showcasing who you are.

During a period in the 2000’s when “how to sell your home” TV shows were all the rage, they advocated turning your home into a blank canvas for a potential viewer to be able to see themselves living there. So, dutifully, everyone painted their walls white, took down any vestiges of personality and muted any colour deeper than oatmeal.

It was a very drab time.

It is also, thankfully, over.

Now, we want to see as much personality from a home as it’s possible. After all, if you’re a bright, loud person who never stops laughing and cheers everyone up, why would you be living in a beige home? You wouldn’t, is the clear answer.

Thankfully, 2024 is about being yourself in EVERYTHING, and that includes with your home décor.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the wall trends for 2024.

With all things recycling, eco and planet friendly being on everyone’s priority list these days, greenery prints, plants and flowers are very in fashion. You can go traditional, like this from Dunelm

Image shows a wall which is light green at the bottom and beige at the top. There is a table with books and a candle in the bottom right corner and a picture of white flowers on the wall

Or, give it a modern twist like this from Desenio:

Picture shows a blue/grey background with a modern stylised dark blue plant post and white leaves

Leaning into the Gallery style which remains hugely popular, you could even keep the floral theme but give it a colour boost, while supporting an independent seller from Etsy:

Image shows a green background with a number of different sized square and rectangle frames with multicoloured prints in them

Or, you can make it punk, with a little help from super-printers Punk Haus

Image shows a frame and multicoloured flowers on a black background. The words, "I can buy myself flowers" are in neon pink writing

If flowers and nature really aren’t your thing, what about a city skyline: London is so iconic, that it doesn’t even have to be in traditional colours to know it’s London. This is from Junique

image shows an outline of the city of London in watercolours against a white background.

However, if it’s this City that has your heart, what about proclaiming it on your wall with classic and quirky pictures like the ones below? These are all from Keep it Local which is in the Precinct in Longton and regularly has pop-ups at Markets, The Potteries Centre and Affinity Staffordshire:

Image shows a number of framed pictures on shelves.

It’s important to note, that if you’re not a “picture” person, wall art is far more than a picture or photograph in a frame. Vectors, twisted metal and sculpture might say far more about you:

Image shows a white background with a black metal flat image of the Earth as a globe in the centre. The globe has a shelf on it which has a number of plants and ornaments on it.

Black Globe Wall Shelf | Dunelm

Image shows a creamy white sofa with plumped cushions on it. Behind the sofa is a wall made up of multicoloured beads in metallic colours

Sliced Minerals premium wallpaper mural | Wallism | A creative revolution for walls

Image shows a large black tree with black blossoms on it.

Delicate Gem Metal Tree Art (

Image shows two circular wicker shapes. Inside the shapes are sculptures of blue, grey and cream flowers

YLL Wall Metal Decor Art Round Shape Apricot Leaf Wall Sculptures for Home Outdoor Indoor Decoration Ornaments Bathroom Living Room Bedroom Or Porch Patio Garden Fence,110x67cm/43.3×26.3in : Home & Kitchen


Lastly, we’re going to suggest something which is potentially messy, but if you’re trying to give off the personal vibes, this is the ultimate: make your own. There are thousands of tutorials on photography, art, crafting and making your very own. We like these.

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