Electrical Fire Safety Week: 22nd-28th November

A fire can start in any room, especially in the lead up to Christmas!

Ensuring your electricity is safe is key to preventing fires in the home.

There are some simple steps to you can take to prevent fires breaking out in your home:

  •  Make sure plug sockets are not overloaded
  •  Make sure plugs and sockets are not damaged
  •  Check all the cables and leads you can see are in good condition
  •  Check your light fittings do not look damaged
  •  Check you are not storing things that could catch fire around your fuse box, electricity meter or electrical intake
  •  Don’t store things on top of the microwave
  •  Don’t run cables under carpets or rugs
  •  Never take mains-powered electrical items into the bathroom
  •  Always switch off your electrical items when they are not in use

Here at Unitas, we carry out annual electrical checks in our residential properties, please help us to keep your property safe by letting us access your property to carry out these vital checks.

If you need to report any damage to sockets, please do so ASAP via our repairs portal.

To find out more ways to help protect your home, please click here.

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