April Jobs in the Garden

Whether it’s torrential showers, heatwaves or surprise snow storms, April weather certainly knows how to keep us all on our toes and it’s rarely predictable.

It’s a big month for the garden too, and whatever the weather is up to, there are jobs to do. This month, you should be thinking about those preparation jobs which will give you a fantastic garden to enjoy in the summer months…

Image shows a small garden with three large wet steps in the centre. The steps are surrounded by plant pots and greenery.

  • Plant hardy annuals, wildflowers, sweet peas and sunflowers.
  • Sow tomatoes, chillies, courgettes, onions, garlic and shallots
  • If you’re planning a herb garden, this is the perfect time to get going. Put parsley, chamomile and coriander into a sunny spot or an indoor pot to get them started.
  • If you’ve got a greenhouse, runner beans can be planted either there or indoors.
  • Get plans ordered for your hanging baskets if you’re making them up yourself. Otherwise, buy ready-to-hang ones and get them hung to brighten things up.
  • De-weed and treat problem areas with a good quality, wildlife friendly weed killer.
  • Start a water butt to capitalise on all that April rain. While you’re at it, check on guttering to make sure you don’t have any cracks or obstacles.
  • Feed the birds – this is nesting time, so the birds need all the help they can get. Hang feeders and keep any water supplies topped up.
  • Deadhead any tulips or daffodils which have already bloomed, but allow the plan to die back naturally.
  • Clean the greenhouse with hot, soapy water – not only will you get rid of any bugs, but clean windows will let more sunlight in.
  • Keep rolls of fleece handy and keep an eye on the weather forecast to protect your seedlings and young plants from any surprise frost or snow.
  • Sow lawn seed if you have any “bald-spots”.
  • Add a high-nitrogen feeder to any grass areas.
  • Check the compost bin for any ready-to-use compost.

Image shows two traditional garden gnomes with red hats and white beards.

Just a little reminder – with the season changing, your indoor plants might need a little care too. Change watering habits if you need to and check on each plant and the care instructions to see if any feed or nutrients are needed. Dust the big-leaves off too!

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